I am a software passionate growing old: I have more than 15 years experience in software development and IT industry. I have matured a significant competency in distributed applications, particularly in the Enterprise Application Integration arena. I have done consultancy work as a designer, architect and as a coach in many projects. I am very strong in the Object Oriented paradigm, having had the chance to work with a lot of different languages, methods, processes and tools. I have also taught Java, Object Oriented paradigm and Service Oriented Architectures in ILT (Instructor's Led Training) courses, in seminars with five hundred people, at the University as well as on national TV (RAI, consorzio Nettuno), greatly enhancing my communication skills: I work effectively on both presales and postsales activities. I am an avid and fast reader, a (slow) runner and I still play football with my friends.
You can find a more detailed resumè on my Linkedin page.

Here you can find some of my interesting and less interesting projects

Programming stuff

Web stuff
  • My children football team (soccer for you american people)
  • My wife site (yes, it’s the same template, I am a lazy guy)

I am not a web designer (and don’t want to be ;) ).
Thanks to the RealMac guys for their excellent RapidWeaver product, and to Loghound software for their great plugins. My sites would have been much less webbish without their support.